Frequently Asked Questions – Specialized Auto Transport

Specialized Auto Transport

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers that may help you understand the specialized auto transport services provided by GO 2.

Q. Do you have a variety of equipment to choose from to meet our needs?
A. Yes. We have multiple enclosed trailer types including liftgate, high capacity soft side and ramp gate.
Q. Do you have a team that manages your CSA scores?
A. Yes. Our safety and maintenance team provides a quality product. We are very proud of our CSA scores and the effort required to maintain them.
Q. How much experience do your drivers have?
A. Due to the expertise required at GO 2, we focus on hiring drivers with more than 10-years of auto hauling experience and strong CSA scores.
Q. What do you use to track the vehicles?
A. We have a state-of-the-art GPS tracking device in every truck. This allows us to follow the shipment completely from pick-up to delivery.