Private Auto Transport

Private Auto Transport

Whereas GO 2 Transportation is an industry leader in specialized vehicle transportation for manufacturers, dealers and auto professionals, GO 2 also provides the same high level of safety and service to individual and private car owners in need of transport. Whether for relocation across the U.S. or to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, GO 2 has the customized equipment and trained staff to allow for a stress-free and worry-free experience.

High-performance equipment, including:

  • 50+ semi-tractors and trailers
  • Real-time GPS tracking on all vehicles
  • Ability to maximize loads and control costs
  • Enclosed equipment for specialized, protected and safe transport
  • Ramp and lift-gate capability for specialized loading and unloading
  • E-tracking on all four wheels for proper load security and stability
  • Hydraulic racking systems
  • Special one- and two-car hot shot capabilities

Drivers are CSA trained and TSA Certified with a strong focus on:

  • High-touch and personal customer service
  • Safety and care
  • Constant client communication at every step in the process
  • Vehicle knowledge
  • Experienced single and team-driver operations
  • One-on-one orientation and frequent on-going training

Serving a variety of individual and private auto transport needs within the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, including:

  • Relocate vehicles of seasonal movers to second homes and of professional athletes to training camps
  • Service to both buyers and sellers at high-end car auctions
  • Transport to a car show, rally or auto event
  • Pick-up and delivery of an internet purchase

For more information, please call 480-704-4457.